Eastern Hemlock

Floral Design By Stefanie Gogan

Eastern hemlock is an accumulation of my love for art, nature and flowers. The seed has been sprouting since my days as a child exploring the forests and trails of British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario. Hiking and travelling in other parts of the world has also influenced my love of the natural landscape. 


Art school has taught me how to observe and reflect critically. The world in its natural form continually illustrates to me that nothing is static but everything is constantly in a state of flux. As I look to the environment to inform my designs, I am consistently inspired by colour, texture and movement. 

Join Eastern Hemlock's natural passion as your florals and greenery are composed. Whether it's for your kitchen table, that special event, a photo shoot or a large scale installation, you will be awe inspired. 

Available for freelance and travel. Please contact for your consultation, booking and rates. 

Stefanie & Dave Engagement 2016-29.jpg