In Growers Pot. Some full green leaves and some varigated. 


Ripple peperomia plants grow to about 8 inches tall and wide. This small size makes these plants suitable as office plants and houseplants. They enjoy bright but not direct sunlight, so north- or east-facing windows work well. But peperomia also grows well under fluorescent lights. The leaf colors become brighter and more pronounced when the plants receive more light, but direct sunlight can burn the plant.


Peperomia require a porous, well-drained soil to avoid root rot. Peperomia like slightly dry soil, so let the surface soil dry before watering. Increase the humidity for the plant by placing a saucer of pebbles and water under the plant. Place the pot on pebbles to avoid oversaturating the soil and mist the plants during the hot months. Fertilize about once a month during the growing season and reduce water in winter. Rot from excess water and cold temperatures are bigger problems for peperomia than insects or disease.

Peperomia Caperata Variegata