Plant & Floral Shop

Hey Everyone :)

Welcome to our online plant shop. Our inventory is constantly changing due to availability and demand. We hand select a variety of our favourite plants from the greenhouse each week. 

If there is a plant on your wish list send us a message and we will let you know if its readily available. Some rare varieties can be hard to find or only come around every so often

If you have any questions about this weeks plant collection send us a message through instagram or email  



Pickup &

Store Hours:

Tue: 10-5

Wed: 12-6

Thurs: 12-6

Fri: 12-6

Sat 10-2

** make sure you warm up your vehicles so the plants don't get shocked by the cold**

** If you require a special pick up time, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate an alternate pick up date** 


Orders for delivery that are placed past the delivery day will be delivered the following week ( or we will contact you to make delivery arrangements).